RESIDENTIAL Wardrobe | REGALLINE Cabinets and Joinery

Wardrobes are a great addition to any home and make a huge difference to the way you live by being able to not only store clothes, shoes and bags in your wardrobes or walk in robe but also very many other things in hallway or garage robes.


At Regalline, our experts can help you with space saving ideas to ensure that the hard earned money you spend on robes is put to the best possible use.  A robe is not a robe with many ideas for storage, shelves, drawers and space saving ideas, all of which we can assist you with.  From the very basic to extravagant walk in robes that are fully decked out we are happy to help you design a robe that suits your needs and budget.


Feel free to visit our showroom and we can show you the many colour, design, hardware and door options as well as some ideas that you may not have considered for your wardrobes.